Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Faithful Word Baptist Church Review

written by Joshua Coffman

Recently I had an opportunity to visit a church that is controversial to many people around the world. Faithful Word Baptist Church is best known for it’s soul-winning members and it’s Hell-fire preaching pastor, Steven Anderson. His fiery sermons can be found freely on Youtube and other social media platforms.

He calls out fornicators, whoremongers, adulterers and, famously, sodomites. On a given service you can expect him to preach against any number of sins or hear him call out nations and cities for their collective sins. He has conducted numerous interviews, recorded several documentaries and traveled the world preaching the Word of God.

But I got a chance to attend this fiery man of God’s church on October 25th, 2017. I came in several hours early to see what was going on, the door was open and there were several teenagers hanging out in the auditorium. There were a couple people working on some type of rocky outcrop prop near the pulpit.

The pulpit can be seen in all of their Youtube videos. The rest of the staging area was cluttered with materials as they were working on decorating the whole area. The auditorium was decorated simply. It was a much different feeling than most churches that I’ve attended. I would describe it as very minimalistic.

To get a good idea of what it was like, imagine a strip mall and several store fronts had their interior walls knocked down. This was the basic setup of the church. There were a few simple rooms that were connected to the main auditorium, but no Sunday School rooms, no nurseries, nothing pretentious like most churches these days.

Several hours later I showed up for their Wednesday night service. I walked in to an older lady playing or practicing piano with much gusto. There were several people there when I arrived a few minutes early. I wondered how many of the seats would really be filled on their midweek service.

Slowly people started to show up, many of the ones that sat around me talked about soulwinning or some passage that they had read in their Bible recently. In front of me a man sat with his son on his lap and fervently read the Bible to him. The lady playing the piano got up several times and when she would get up your attention went to the audio Bible reading from Alexander Scourby that was playing in the background.

Near the back of the auditorium was a bookshelf with a large selection of DVDs of Pastor Anderson’s documentaries. Some large families began to come in with their children. The children weren’t quiet and refined, but they were generally well behaved.

I sat and paged through my Bible thinking about my own church and some of the differences. At my church, I’ve never heard someone sit behind or in front of me and talk about the Bible. I’m not sure how many people even know what soulwinning means in my church. And if they do know the term, it’s probably much different from the type of soulwinning going on at Faithful Word Baptist Church.

Before the service started, I noticed the videographer for Steven Anderson busy taking church family photos and snuck in to say hello. He was pretty distracted so I returned to my seat. I decided to call my daughters in Alaska while I had a few moments before the preaching began.

When I came back inside from my call, the auditorium was surprisingly full for a Wednesday service. Many churches I’ve attended have empty spaces on Sunday and half full auditoriums on Wednesday, not so with FWBC apparently, there were very few open seats. Just on my row there was only one space between me and the family that took up the rest of the row of chairs.

Finally the service began promptly on time and the song service began. The hymnals on the seats were important as there was no screen with fancy words for us to follow along. And I’ve been involved in the church music ministry for 12 years of my life, but there was still a song that they sung that I had never heard of before.

During their announcements, they had a major church event that they had to prepare for and they went through nearly 20 minutes of working out details for the event a couple days away. I thought it highlighted nicely their dedication to their soulwinning events. Many pastors I’ve met would have difficulty organizing on the fly like they did that night, but Pastor Anderson kept the whole thing moving and it ultimately seemed to impact the atmosphere of the room very little.

The sermon was just as powerful as any sermon you can find of his online. In fact, you can find that sermon online here. 

Many people go to a church to be entertained. They want flashy Sunday School lessons and a drum set on the platform. Instead what you’ll find at FWBC is an old fashioned pulpit on the same level as the rest of the auditorium. There is no fancy sound system, no eloborate “children’s” ministry, and the people are more interested in the people outside their walls getting saved than they are of making their church visitors feel special.

And I appreciate that in a religious community.

Often churches begin to feel like a vanity fest. If the visitors get pampered and then become members they often keep that same vanity. The one person that greeted me was an average guy with average clothes that was unpretentious and just being friendly. He wasn’t overly friendly either.

Overall I enjoyed my experience at Faithful Word Baptist Church. But I’ve attended a church similar to theirs before and I’ve followed the sermons of Pastor Anderson for several years now. So I knew what I was getting myself into when I attended their service.

Before you go visit their church, definitely check out Steven Anderson’s videos on Youtube. But if you’re ready for God to work on your heart, I definitely recommend going there with a desire to obey and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Story for Violet

written by Joshua Coffman

Europe liked to play outside. She was the type of girl that spent her time in the woods building forts and exploring. Her favorite part of the day was sunset. She enjoyed seeing the darkness and the shadows in the woods, then it made her happy to see the lights from inside her house. It seemed like they invited her back inside to the warmth.

She also loved the rain. Maybe some people thought that the rain was not fun, but Europe absolutely loved the rain. She would put her boots on and run out into the cold weather and dance in the rain every opportunity that she got.

Garfield was her older brother. He loved to read books and stay inside, but he was always nice to Europe, he always told her his favorite stories and they would sometimes, when it was warm outside, sit out in one of her forts and he would read her story after story sitting on the ground in her little fort in the woods.

Europe also had a sister named Vera. Vera was too little to read and wasn’t old enough to go into the woods yet. Vera was very kind to her older siblings though. She would sit quietly by Garfield and rest her head against him while he read his stories to her.

None of them were shy, Europe, Garfield and Vera were always very kind to other people and loved to ask questions. They were quick to make friends and were thoughtful. Even Vera loved to give birthday gifts and draw pictures for other people.

It was a rainy day and Europe was excited to go play outside. She grabbed her boots and little yellow rain jacket. Garfield was playing a game with his friends at the kitchen table, and Vera was sitting under the table making her little toys into a kingdom of handsome princes and beautiful princesses.

The rain was pouring very hard and there were already little streams forming in the yard, water scurrying away to the ditch. The clouds made the afternoon seem much later. But Europe didn’t care about the dark, she ran outside and splashed through the puddles happy to be outside after a day being inside.

She made her way through their yard into the woods and listened to the rain falling from the trees, splashing onto her hood. It was so much fun to play in the cold rain.

Europe kept splashing her way through the woods, chasing puddles and streams. But suddenly something flashed in front of her. A loud crack. The ground shook and Europe became very afraid. She had never seen anything like this. There in front of her was a tree that was on fire!

Dead leaves and little branches rained down on her and she was so frightened, she just stood still. She just looked at the tree that was on fire, scared and alone.

Quickly she gathered her thoughts and began to run back to the house to tell her father what had happened in the woods. She ran so fast that she ran right out of her boots. The cold water splashed up and the mud stuck to her toes as she ran all the way back to her home.

She threw the door open and shouted to her father. He came from his office and she jumped into his arms and told him about the fire and the earth shaking. Garfield at once wanted to see the tree.

Her father quickly explained to Europe about lightning and they quickly put donned their rain clothes to go trek out to the burning tree.

They walked out to the woods and found Europe’s water filled boots. They kept walking until they got to the tree. It was still smoldering even in the pouring rain. Orange flames peeked out of the tree showing where the lightning had struck not too far away from Europe.

The rain would eventually put out the fire so the group headed back home. Garfield was bummed that he didn’t get to see the lightning happen. Him and his friends wanted to stay out longer and see if another bolt of lightning would strike.

When they got back to the house, Europe told Vera the story. Mother and father, Garfield and his friends all listened as she told them about the ground shaking and the bright flash of light that shone in front of her.

After the story was told, Father prayed and thanked God for keeping Europe safe in the woods. “Dear heavenly Father, thank you for your protection for Europe today. Thank you for keeping her safe and guiding her to see your mighty power and control over the weather. May she always remember your  omnipotence and protecting love.”

After that, Europe always went out in the rain hoping to see another lightning strike. She told the story over and over as she grew older to her friends and when she became a mother she told the story to her children about how she had seen the fire in the rain.

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

How Bitcoin Affects Alaska

written by Joshua Coffman

Here in Alaska, our economy thrives on tourism. Besides that, foreign influences such as Canada and Russia, not to mention many of the east Asian countries that are closely connected to our resources. Bitcoin has the potential to change our entire interactions with the world as Alaskan businesses and individuals.

There are three ways that Bitcoin will affect us in the next 10 years. Number one, is directly from tourists. One thing that American’s forget is that currency is typically a fragile thing. Many foreigners are turning to Bitcoin as a store of value. In the next couple years, business owners that do not incorporate cryptocurrencies into their business plan will lose business.

When I personally go to the fair and look for the vendor that accepts Square, you begin to realize that there is so much business out there that is going to walk right by you because you don’t facilitate their currency platform of choice.

A lot of Asian countries are quickly adopting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. That tourism business potential is huge already and will only grow in the coming years. Korea is a great example, they are going through a slew of crazy political scandals and unrest and they are pouring in droves in the crypto world.

But tourists from all over the world really are turning to these digital currencies. Alaskan’s and especially those in the service industry need to consider the potential service they can provide for these progressive tech savvy tourists.

Number two, Alaska’s retirement problem.

Okay, let’s be serious. The Federal government is treading a fine line with the deficit. At least the State government is taking our financial problem seriously enough to talk about it. But let’s be honest, several Alaskan municipalities are just teat sucking nurseries. The financial strength of our communities is weak at best. I’m looking at you too, native corporations.

And it starts with us as individuals, I’m tired of hearing people say “everyone I know is broke.” Alaska needs to get it’s financial house in order and it starts with you. Stop putting your money in a 401k. I won’t knock you for saving in US dollars, but you should really educate yourself on the Federal Reserve if you’re going to go that route.

If you really want to accumulate wealth, invest in your education. Learn about using Bitcoin as a store of value. Check out the incredible work of Andreas M Antonopolus. But don’t stop there, if you are putting money into the stock market, you are gambling. And if you’re going to gamble, you might as well take a bet on what I am offering you, which is Bitcoin.

Stop putting retirement money in Wall Street, stop putting your trust in the banks, stop buying insurance, stop gambling with your future. Either trust me or make an educated decision, Get into Bitcoin. Get a offline wallet. Take your retirement fund and put it on a hardware wallet. Do this before there is a massive financial collapse.

If Alaska ever defaults, which let’s be honest, we’re facing some crazy times, we are going to face a avalanche of businesses, companies and financial institutions that will either leave or be forced to change how they operate in Alaska. It won’t be the end of Alaska, but when it happens, those with liquidity will come out on top. And we know that in Alaska, liquidity isn’t just next month’s rent.

The third way Bitcoin affects Alaska is our decision. Either we will buckle down on the US dollar and become entirely dependent on the whims of the Federal government, which we’ve increasingly done over the lifespan of Alaska. Or we will take massive action and create our own economy.

And if we are bold enough, we could establish our own cryptocurrency and fund our own schools and healthcare facilities, we could provide our own insurance companies, we could fund our own military defense, we could take this all into our own hands, if only we had the courage to do so.

This sounds radical, it sounds revolutionary, but we as Alaskan’s have gotten soft. We have begun to enjoy the special attention we get from DC. Some of our politicians are boning up and taking massive action, but they need an army of businessmen to back them up and take heart in the face of change.

I hope every single one of you are constantly reading books, training, becoming a master in your industry or sector. I hope you’re taking massive action, learning about how the world works around you. I hope you’re passing on that training to the next generation. You should be writing a book about your experiences, you should start your own blog, Alaska needs you to take massive action.

We could become a thriving state that has massive influencers that own powerful assets. But it takes each of us as individuals to commit to our individual potential.

Have a 10X week Alaska.


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Friday, November 17, 2017

How I Deal With Depression

written by Joshua Coffman

My opinion in life is to get through whatever hangups you have as quick as possible. So if you are going to live a life where you buy expensive stuff and travel to random places for the “experience,” do it until you get it all out of your system. If you’re going to fuck chicks and do coke, get to the bottom of yourself as fast as possible. Don’t repress it, objectively choose to get it out of your system.

Live dangerously until you can live abundantly. If you’re doing drugs, you need to get to the place where you personally choose to get help. If you’re going to waste money, you need to get to the place where you recognize the importance of money in you life. Live it up, get to the bottom, and then use the bottom to bounce back.

The same can go with depression. I know of a lot of people that are still living depressed from situations that happened almost 5 years ago. When I worked in the bus ministry, I met one man that was still dealing with depression from something that happened almost 20 years ago. He was trying to cope. Instead of embracing the situation that happened to him, he was still attempting to live as a victim.

Only by the grace of God will I live like David, I will mourn and call on God for help until their is no longer an open door for me to enter into His presence for a particular situation, then I'll immediately get back up and start serving Him again.

Sometimes I’ll have moments where I get a victim mentality due to recent situations, but then I realize that I was the one that choose to live my life my way. I made circumstances happen, I was the one that knocked. It helps with depression in the same way that I embrace my past as an important part of who I am.

That’s how I deal with depression. I immediately confront it as my responsibility. It can be incredibly confusing to wade through a series of events that quickly unfolded and try to decide who was responsible for what, and that’s what begins to weigh down on you, the confusion. But when you take full responsibility, not just for your past decisions, but also for you future life, you become unstoppable.

Let other people make their own decisions. You are responsible for the things in your life that you can control, the most important of which is the very next action that you take.

And sometimes the very next action you should take is the “wrong” action for most people. You know your tolerance, you know your circumstances, you know your mental fortitude, you know everything about you, so make decisions based on what you need to do. This is where you need to be honest with one person: yourself.

Maybe you’ve made a mess of your life, maybe everything you’ve done was a lie. Maybe you’ve lied to everyone in your life. I think it’s time to be honest with yourself. Take action on your dreams.

Take action on getting your dream job.

Take action on getting in phenomenal physical shape.

Take action on eating healthy.

Take action on learning a new language.

Take action on meeting 10X people.

Today is the day where you become honest with the only person that matters. You don’t owe it to anyone but yourself. This is how I deal with depression. An honest assessment of where I am as a person.

Do I always make smart decisions? Of course not! But I don’t make these decisions for other people. I don’t make these decisions for my parents, or my pastor, or my friends. I make these decisions for myself. I am the cause of all my troubles.

If you’re dealing with depression, I recommend you start taking massive action. You are a victim. That’s the point. Don’t stay in a victim position, become massively successful and start leaving the people that hurt you behind. Don’t get even, get successful.

Be great, I love you all.


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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Friends with Liabilities

written by Joshua Coffman

Whoever is not going for their potential is a liability to you and your potential. This isn’t just a motivational quote. It’s a dire warning. If you allow people into your life that don’t push you to keep growing and moving forward, you will find yourself in the death spiral of a lack of inspiration.

These friends with liabilities will stab you in the back. They will turn on a dime. They are already stabbing themselves in their back by not going for their own potential. They have given up on themselves, they will for sure give up you. Usually before you expect it. They will burn themselves, so you can expect they will burn you.

Break it off with those friends. They may smile at you to your face, but be warned. If they are not going for their potential, that is the only indicator that you need to look for. If they’re not going for their goals, they are going to destroy yours.

This is a decision that you have to make for yourself. Maybe you haven’t been going for your potential, maybe that’s why you’ve had time to hang out with them. Maybe you’ve been the stumblingblock for others. Maybe you’ve been the friend with liabilities. This isn’t a condemnation of you as a person. Someday, you may find those people take a 180 and begin relentlessly pursuing their potential. But until there is no doubt that they are going for their potential, cut them off. Stay away from them. Block their numbers.

You don’t need that negativity in your life. Be honest with yourself. Are you going for your potential? If not, who in your life has given up on their goals? Kill those people. Not literally but they might as well be dead to you. Don’t be sliding in their DMs. Don’t go to their house party. Stay away from that lack of passion and vision. Otherwise you will continue to be drowned in their self destructive habits.

I’ve traveled the country meeting new people, making new friends, learning new cultural norms. It wasn’t until I was in Alaska for 8+ years that I learned just how important it was to leave people behind. People change. They give up. Then they stab you in the back over and over and over. They do this because it’s who they are. Don’t expect to change them.

It starts with you, though. Be the change. Make a decision to go for your dreams and your potential. Then push through with more action until you’ve left all your friends with liabilities behind. Become a shooting star. And when you’re going at a strong enough speed, you will only be travelling with other stars.

Change your surroundings. Maybe you need to make a physical move. Just recently, I had to leave the state. I took all my shit and moved to Arizona. I needed a change of pace. I needed to leave my old friends behind. That’s when I found out who my real friends were. When I left the state, the friends with liabilities started stabbing me in the back. They exposed their real lack of ambition. It became abundantly clear who the real friends were, it was the ones that were too busy with their own potential to try to destroy my potential.

Maybe you just need to start attending different classes, going to different events like business and industry guru speeches. Maybe you need to change your music. I don’t know what it is that you need to change, but if you aren’t going for your goals, you need to change something immediately before you act on your liabilities.

You could start with cutting off the negative media. The news is one of the biggest trash spewing cultural phenomenon to touch us today. Turn off the news. Go meet someone in your neighborhood. Go to the coffee shop, go to a potential clients business, go to the gym. Stop listening to the news. Get away from advertising that is trying to tell you how bad your life is. No matter how much Sean Hannity wants to convince you that he’s your friend, he is just a friend with liabilities.  Turn it off.

Like I said, it starts with you. There’s very few circumstances where you should confront these friends with liabilities. Usually the best course of action is to just start taking more action on your dreams. The friends with liabilities will either just fall away or they will start pushing back against your goals, they will tell you to slow down. Keep speeding up. Keep growing. Keep going for your dreams and goals and passion.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Artificial Reality

written by Joshua Coffman

I’ve been watching as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, cryptocurrencies, robotics, and virtual reality have become mainstream in our culture. I’ve seen Pokemon Go take the world by storm introducing people to the idea of an augmented reality. But what I’m concerned about is not the current interesting technologies, but rather the tried and true technologies that have already grabbed the human race and dragged us to an artificial reality. That is the television screen.

Several months ago I was listening to a book by CS Lewis and he was warning of the dangers of watching television and making life decisions that are influenced by scripted stories. Of course, ever since the beginning of time, we as humans have adjusted our behavior due to storytelling, whether that be audio or written. But the concern is that seeing real people in artificial circumstances can rewire our brain.

Last week I was reminded of this strange part of our experience as humans when I was listening to an artificially intelligent robot give a speech and she referenced a movie. Here was a robot that was being influenced by the television. What a crazy world we live in.

And then just a few days ago, I was watching a YouTube commentator talk about a popular Netflix show called “Stranger Things” and he was specifically pointing out their constant nods to other movies and television series. Even our media is being influenced by previous media.

How important it is for us as Christians to guard our minds and not begin to think worldly. Should we really be worldly wise? And then there’s the really important point, should we actually be creating media instead of consuming it? Wouldn’t it be better for us to participate in creating media that lifts up Christ rather that mindlessly consuming media that ignores or profanes His name?

We are already in an artificial reality. Our employers are living in an artificial reality. Our politicians are watching “House of Cards” trying to make sense of their situations. Our pastors are watching “Fireproof” trying to make sense of their congregations marital problems. Our wives and husbands are watching films and tv shows that portray weak husbands and unsubmissive wives. We are no longer living in reality folks.

Don’t worry about the coming robots. Don’t worry about Skynet (or whatever that is, I’ve never actually watched whatever movie that’s from.) Don’t worry about the crazy looking robotic dogs from Boston Dynamics. We are already being overtaken by our technology.

Read through the major prophets. You will find that our world is living in a completely alien state of mind. Just take a look at our societies view on sodomites. They are raping our children (Kevin Spacey), and we continue to allow their flags to fly in our municipalities and townships. Take a look at the general consensus on whores and whoremongers. They are embraced while still living in their fornication.

Put down the pop culture for a minute and look at the world through a Biblical lens. Maybe that hits home for you, I know it does for me. When I step back from my worldly habits, I am absolutely disgusted at how close I have come to accepting the artificial reality that Hollywood producers and Netflix production crews are creating.

Take a break from it all and talk to people. You will find yourself referencing Rick and Morty, Gossip Girl, Duck Dynasty, Spongebob, or whatever artificial reality you’ve embraced as a source of inspiration and cultural information.

Plug into the mind of Christ. Read the Bible. Go soulwinning. Walk alone with God. Only then will you see the world for how it really is.


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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Getting Girls By Acting Gay

written by Joshua Coffman

Losing a loved one to the sodomites is a frustrating thing. You can see their eyes turn dark. You can feel the dark energy begin to pulsate through them and it’s incredibly tempting to sacrifice your own morals to their degeneracy.

The strength of the darkness can even cause you to forfeit your children to the pain and violence of the sodomites. Don’t give in. Separate yourself from Sodom.

If you don’t leave now, you will find yourself shit-faced, getting fucked by your daughters in a cave. *Genesis 19:30-36

The sodomites are not your friends, they are just a bunch of vile reprobates that God has given over to destruction. You have had multiple opportunities to take you and your family out of Sodom and Gomorrah. Before you find your wife turned to salt, leave.

The sodomites will try to convince you that they are merely an alternative lifestyle. They will scream at you until you give in. They will unashamedly beat on your door wanting to have sex with your out of state visitors.

Their lack of conscience is no coincidence. They have chosen a religion that rejects Christ. There is no truth in them. They will lie to you and manipulate you until you succumb to their droning screeches.

Ignore sodomite orders.

You have chosen to live in a city full of these perverted, sick children of the devil. Leave. Don’t look back. Leave the well watered plains. Find somewhere where you can live in peace.

You will continue to fall prey to their propaganda when you see their wickedness everyday. They are the victims of God Himself. He has given them over. He hates the wicked everyday.

Their dark eyes are painted around with empty laughter and jovial calls from across the room. They play all day, looking for their next perversion. The beautiful men and women that work as the brand ambassadors for Sodom will soon find themselves burning in the violent flames of Hell.

Their gorgeous faces will melt. Their well exercised bodies will turn into charred, thirsty corpses. The sodomites have no hope, don’t be tempted by their siren like calls of pleasure and happiness.

Sodomites have ready allies in the feminist coven. The feminist witches seek to corrupt the men and will use any pretty bodied woman that allows herself to be cast under a spell of pride and vanity.

Unsubmissive wives, unloving husbands, and disobedient children tread dangerously close to the sodomites. And the sodomites are ready to embrace those people. They are ready to abuse them and suck them into their darkness.

This is not a condemnation. This is a reminder to turn to Christ while there is still time. Maybe you’ve come dangerously close to the line of Sodom. Turn back now. Christ is here to forgive the worst of sinners. But once you cross the line, there is no more opportunity for you. You have been given over.

Don’t cross that line. Turn to Christ now. Don’t be blinded by pride. Don’t be confused by family that is already reprobate. Fall on your knees. Repent. Leave the sodomites. Cut them off. Run.

There is room at the cross for the worst of sinners. Even the Jerusalem sinner can be saved, so there is hope for you. But once God gives you over, it is too late for you. Accept His gift of love and salvation. Accept His Son.

To become a Sodomite is not to become a servant of Satan. Sodomites aren’t serving Lucifer, they are serving the Almighty God. Everything they do is a judgement on this sinful world. They are fulfilling the will of God by destroying themselves. Don’t think that Satan has anything to do with their wicked perversion.

It is God’s pleasure to see them burn.

Once again, this is not a condemnation. I don’t hate you for living in the city of Sodom. I’m telling you to leave because I love you. I’m telling you about the burning eyes of God. I’m telling you about His justice and vengeance. I’m telling you there is hope in His Son. There is a way to become a friend of God.

The worst of sinners can be saved. This is why God sent His Son to the Jews. They were the worst of sinners. They were so wicked, they killed His Son. Yet God was not done with them. He still had His messengers take the Good News to the Jew first and only then did they take His Gospel to the rest of the world.

Ignore sodomite orders.