Tuesday, December 19, 2017

One Little Sparrow

My Kind Family and Heavenly Father
written by Joshua Coffman

Curious children crowded around the puddle in the middle of the playground. There was a little bird who had just broken it’s wing. It had hopped to the puddle to get a drink of water. The children encouraged it to fly away but it wasn’t able to because of the broken bones in it’s wing.

Jessica wanted to help but she didn’t know how to fix a bird wing. She thought it would be best to let her parents know. They were still in the church building. She ran inside to get some help.

Her mother was talking to some other adults and Jessica politely told her mother that there was a bird with a broken wing in the playground. Her mother immediately went to go help and some of the other adults came to help as well.

Outside, mother wrapped the bird in a small towel and brought the bird into their car. Father was already there ready to drive them to the wildlife center. They knew that the bird would be taken care of there.

Jessica’s older sister helped bring the bird into the center and they were assured that the bird would get better. As they drove away, Father reminded them of the Bible verse that says: “Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows.”

They drove home and while they ate lunch, Jessica thought more about the bird. She decided to read about all different kinds of birds, all shapes and sizes. They had picture books that told about the birds and where they lived and what color their eggs were. She thought it was interesting now.

Some birds even couldn’t fly at all, even with their wings not broken.

Several weeks later, Mother got a phone call from the wildlife refuge. The bird’s wing was fully healed and they] were going to release the bird back into the wild. Later that night, when Father came home, they drove to the wildlife refuge and they all watched as Jessica opened the bird cage and let the little bird fly away.

They all clapped and afterward they went to celebrate God’s healing power by eating ice cream. Jessica was glad that the bird was healed but was sad that it flew away never to be seen again. She wondered where it’s nest was. She knew that it was just an animal though.

She was happy that her family was the type of family that cared about other people. They were so kind that they even helped take care of little animals. And Jessica thought God would act the same way, even HE would take care of the little animals. And if she ever got into a tough situation, she knew that she could rely on God and her family to help her heal and make it through.


Monday, December 18, 2017

Secure Your Money

Three Ways to Keep Your Money Safer Online
written by Joshua Coffman

I personally think that all of us should move away from traditional banking to decentralized “currencies” like Bitcoin, but since many people still use traditional banking, I wanted to talk about a couple different things to help keep my family and friends’ finances secure.

1. Use an entirely separate device for online banking.

At first this sounds outlandish, but it illustrates a point that if you have very little security education, you often outsource your security to other people. Expecting your Windows operating system, your browser, and your device itself to operate securely is just asking to be hacked.

And in the decade where we each have several devices already, making one exclusively used for online banking should be a relatively easy decision, even if it takes discipline.

So, WHY? you may ask. If you use your device for basically anything else, or if anyone else has any type of access to the device and can view or download pornography, your device will most definitely have some type of malware. Basically a virus. Get a passcode, educate anyone that has access to that passcode about your new commitment to security, and use discipline to only use that device for your banking.

2. Don’t reuse passwords, usernames, or even security questions

So, this is another difficult paradigm to get used to, but any reuse of information online opens you up to a myriad of attacks. People can fish for information from you to gain access to your accounts, this is a special type of information spying, called “phishing.”

Never reuse passwords. In fact, I recommend if you have a small online presence, writing down the passwords you use, even for Facebook, and securely locking them away. Don’t put them in a book behind the desk where snooping people can gain access to them. Even if you trust everyone in your home, your information is too valuable to leave vulnerable in that way.

If you have a larger online presence and use more than 5-10 passwords (which is most of us nowadays), I would recommend getting familiar with password managers. Encrypted password managers. Encrypted password managers that reside on your device, not the cloud. For sure, do NOT save your passwords in a file on your computer or on a service like Dropbox.

At the writing of this article, I recommend 1Password. But like I said, you shouldn’t take my word for it necessarily.

But let’s talk about the tricky one, security questions. Online applications have a habit of asking you personal questions that supposedly “only you” should be able to remember. But now that most of our lives are online cough  Facebook cough  even those intimate details are no longer secure enough to use.

Instead of telling the truth on those “security questions,” I recommend making answers up and making different answers for each service that you use. Keep track of your answers in your password manager.

3. Immediately stop using anything but Google Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox used to be a recommended web browser but even that is no longer considered “safe” by many in the security industry. And if you are using Internet Explorer or even Edge, you are leaving yourself wide open to attack.

Google Chrome is especially safe, especially if you make sure that you close it down every day. This allows it to update constantly. I’ll spare you the details on how it keeps you especially safe, but as long as you aren’t using it’s password save function, Google Chrome is my recommended browser to stay secure.


If you implement these three things immediately, you will be safer from hackers. But there are plenty of people out there that want to take advantage of you and steal your money. I have a friend who is pretty savvy with technology and he wasn’t careful with a new program he downloaded, and he ended up losing over $10,000 from not paying close enough attention to his security.

Please, please, please… Take personal responsibility for your security. Don’t outsource security to your bank, your cousin or your spouse. Take responsibility for your valuables, including your personal information.


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Monday, November 27, 2017

Bitcoin and Alaska Natives

written by Joshua Coffman

Young people learn from an early age the never ending cycle of taxation and inflation. Maybe it’s just because we all live in the same world of the US dollar but it’s a burden that is shared by millions of people around the world.

Bitcoin, or digital cash, appeals to these young people. Why? Because Bitcoin is actually an asset (even according to the Robert Kiyosaki definition). Bitcoin is deflationary in nature and as such it is actually a good investment.

So how can Bitcoin and other forms of digital cash, aka cryptocurrencies, help Alaskans?

1. Young people are looking to make real money, so while they may not work for your normal US dollars, they may be motivated to work for digital cash like Bitcoin.

Alaska has a large population of people that are either on welfare or live off of other people’s money. They may be unmotivated to work for the US dollar because when they do, they will lose “benefits” that they get from the Department of Social Services. Food stamps and other “allowances” come with close restrictions. Or they may just be opposed to the idea of actually helping the US fund it's wars of aggression. *yes I'm a NAP guy

Bitcoin offers these people a way to work without fear of losing their welfare benefits. Many of them would gladly stop using their welfare if they could afford to. But they can’t afford to get out and start working for 20 hours a week at $9.50 an hour. Because then they would lose some benefits or be forced to work even harder at recording all their income to prove their eligibility.

However, if they earn Bitcoin and spend that Bitcoin without ever touching the US dollar, they can keep that cushion until they get decent job that isn’t minimum wage. This is a free market opportunity to evade the overwhelming governmental oversight.

Then when they start making enough money to change back into US currency or when they get a good job that pays in US currency, they will start paying into the tax system and be a full tax payer. Bitcoin is just the opportunity to breathe, the opportunity to work for a currency that isn’t inflationary.

So, Alaskan’s that are bold enough to adopt some Bitcoin and pay young people to do odd jobs, graphic design projects, manual labor, and other typical “under the table” jobs, can help bring a new generation of labor into the work force.

These people need practice. They need someone to give them an opportunity to spread their wings.

2. Bitcoin is a great donation platform.

The opportunity to help those that find themselves homeless, or in some other dire situation. Bitcoin and other types of cryptos, like Dash or Bitcoin Cash, can be easily transferred to those that find themselves in need.

Corporations and individuals that help those in need can also easily accept donations via the peer to peer economy. And many people that own Bitcoins are generous beyond belief because they have experienced so much increase in the space that they feel obligated to pay it forward.

Smart people will undoubtedly figure out how to help homeless people with Bitcoin. Churches should definitely clue in soon to the digital cash economy. Other charitable organizations are quickly opening up their own wallets to accept donations and there is a groundswell of individuals that are using their Bitcoin to help those in need.

3. Bitcoin will drastically help the sovereign people of Alaska.

I would be very surprised if the Native corporations didn’t already have people working on implementing their own currencies or adopting Bitcoin. With digital cash, people that live in villages or other remote locations will still have access to the immediate benefits of banking.

One person in a village with a smart phone can be a bank for the entire population there. Simply by installing one app, there is an immutable record of each “wallet” that they create. And they can do that for everyone in their family, or even, like I just said, the whole village. There is an unlimited number of wallets that they can create.

There will no longer be a need to wire money to anyone. Simply go to your village phone banker and send your Bitcoin through them.

There is massive potential for changing the way that individuals can sell their goods and services. Without the need for US dollars, there is a whole new economy that opens up to these people that have little access to traditional banking.


Bitcoin will transform the world very quickly, it already has for a lot of people. And if it hasn’t affected you yet, be warned, it will. Even in far away Alaska, where we have little internet access in remote locations. The blockchain doesn’t need a lot of internet access and if handled properly can even be used with sporadic internet access.

I’m excited about the opportunity that Bitcoin holds. Now, I would like to clarify that if you make any profits from the increase of Bitcoin, you should definitely pay taxes on that. Be the most ethical person you know.

Other than that, be great! Long live Bitcoin.


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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Getting Remarried

written by Joshua Coffman

Several years ago, I went into a period of my life where I became extremely judgmental. To be completely honest, I think I was just trying to make sense of the confusion that surrounded me. People were compromising and making excuses for the things that they were doing and I wasn’t completely understanding of what God’s will was for my life as a teenager and young adult.

So at one point I began teaching that those that were divorced and remarried were obligated to break off their relationship with their new spouse and return to their previous marriage. This was a wicked teaching.

I think why I took a wrong turn on that doctrine was because of the specific situation that I was struggling with. A pastor got remarried immediately after his divorce and started teaching his congregation that it was okay for him to remain the pastor.

He was/is wrong. But I was too. I was wrong for teaching people to break off their current marriages to return to their previous spouse.

Now I do believe that adulterers should be put to death. But I don’t think that the police should be the ones putting them to death. I have a whole different system of government that I believe should be established and if we were to start honor killing adulterers today, we would be just as wrong as if we started selling people into slavery. (which is happening in open air markets as of today, please stand up against this modern wickedness)

But besides that I believe that once you commit the sin of getting remarried, you become one with that person and your vow to them is now valid. So to break that vow is just as wicked as the first time you broke your marital vows.

So I wanted to apologize and correct myself publicly.

If you are a young person, remember that once you get married you are bound to that person until one of you die. If you get divorced, you are to remain unmarried until one of you dies. Even if your ex gets married to someone else. You are to remain unmarried until they pass away. That may happen 20 years from now or it may happen tomorrow. But you are to remain unmarried.

If you get divorced and remarried, you no longer qualify as a pastor. The Bible clearly states, “the husband of one wife.” And until your ex dies, she is still considered your “former wife” (see the story of the woman at the well.)

One of the things that came up repeatedly in this whole situation was a concern that if this pastor didn’t get remarried “how would he serve God?”

Of course he could still serve God countless ways, but not by being a pastor. And I watch his “church” continue down a self destructive path, becoming more and more hedonistic. (Which unfortunately I have too)

And we have become self destructive for the same reason: we both put our identity into our marriage.

If we just viewed our marital relationship for what it was, simply a part of our purpose, we would have lived healthier, happier lives and perhaps been less toxic to our relationships.

I purpose to continue seeking the truth. And if I’m wrong I will admit it. It is important for me to continue finding purpose in other things, one of which is my writing for you. I have a lot of friends that have had marriage struggles and I want to remind you to find purpose outside of your wife/husband.

The pressure will build up to unbearable levels if you expect a Hollywood type relationship were your spouse “means everything” to you.

This article is a clarification for those that I have lead in the past, I’m sure you saw through my bad teaching, but I don’t want anyone to think that I still believe that. I want young people to find fulfillment in things other than their significant other. Especially those that get married young.

Have a full life, full of purpose, commitment, passion and of course the love of God.

If you aren’t sure of your relationship with God, please check out my other website AcceptHisGift.com


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Saturday, November 25, 2017

My First 36 hours on Bitconnect

written by Joshua Coffman

So, several months ago, there was a Bitcoin hard fork called Bitcoin cash. I held a small amount of Bitcoin at the time and just the other day I decided to see how much Bitcoin Cash I owned. At the current price, it was nearly $300 worth of the digital cash. So I decided I might as well take that money and throw it into the BCC (Bitconnect) lending platform and start making money with it.

That was yesterday.

The Bitconnect platform basically lets you loan money out for an extended period of time to their Bitconnect bot and at the end of the term, you get all your money back. But the kicker is that EACH day you get volatility interest on the money. And that can range from nothing up to 5%.

So 36 hours ago, I threw $300 into the platform. That’s a value that almost anyone can come up with. And for those of you in Alaska, your divdends are over three times that amount. Free money to throw into this platform.

So just after one 24 hour period, how much have I made? $2.52.

I can bear losing $300 worth of a cryptocurrency that I only own because of a hard fork, but even if it wasn’t free money, 1% daily returns is not a bad setup. It’s basically a way of investing in digital cash like Bitcoin without the possibility of losing your original capital.

Now to the warnings that I understand and that all those of you interested in this space should be warned about. This is only for people with balls. You have to be willing to lose everything and start over again. For me, I have nothing to lose, I’m already at the bottom. I only have access to this money due to my courage to buy Bitcoin several months ago when I had almost no money.

It worked great for me, maybe because I have a spirit of being unstoppable. Maybe it was just sheer luck. Maybe I’ve been watching Bitcoin closely enough to know that it was a sure bet. Maybe it was just desperation that paid off.

Either way, I want each of you to look into these platforms and consider changing your retirement plans. Maybe you’re holding money in a 401k. Consider buying Bitconnect tokens and loaning on the platform.

Maybe you're just a teenager mowing loans or shoveling snow for pocket change. Take that money and duplicate it while you are still young and fearless. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Digital cash (aka cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin) are changing the world rapidly and it will make a huge difference for you and your family if you take the time to learn how they work. Get someone to help you. Meet up with people that are excited about the space and get them to show you the great resources.

In no way am I stating that Bitconnect for a fact will be here tomorrow or that my results will be exactly the same as yours. But what I do know is that when I hosted my Bitcoin event last week. If you would have bought just 1 Bitcoin. Today you would be $1,000 richer.

That’s the power of Bitcoin. And it’s only getting more powerful.


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Friday, November 24, 2017

Christmas Ornaments (fiction short story)

written by Joshua Coffman

She turned the little plastic knob, scrubbing through the radio static until finally, Mannheim Steamroller came clearly through the speakers. Christmas music was finally here. She turned around and walked back to her steamy cup of coffee.

No one was awake yet in the house, they were all still passed out from eating too much turkey the day before. She walked with the warm cup of coffee to the corner of the living room where she could see over the lake right outside their home. She stood there looking out the window, still waking up. Her mind slowly warming up with the coffee that warmed her hands.

Past the lake was a splendid view of the snow covered forest. Impressive trees reached into the sky, flexing their branches, holding up the piles of snow that had been falling the night before. The sun was still behind the horizon, but the darkness was quickly fading away.

She could hear stirring upstairs. One of the children had woken up and was making their bed. A few moments later, Mykah started coming down the stairs in her nightgown. Mykah was a kind girl with long dark brown hair. She had just turned 13 several days earlier and was always intent on being a hard working teenager.

“Good morning, Ma.” Mykah came over to her mother and gave her a hug. They embraced for several minutes looking out at the sunrise together. The Christmas music played softly in the background. Mykah enjoyed the smell of coffee in the morning. It had a warm pleasant smell that gave her insides a hug.

Mykah pulled away from her mother for a moment and they both walked into the kitchen to get breakfast ready for themeselves and their family. They had a large family. In total there was 8 of them. Of course there was Mother and Father and Mykah, but there were also 4 more girls and 1 older brother.

They put on a pot of steel cut oats and Mykah got out some of the frozen berries. Mother sliced up a couple bananas and put on a kettle to make some more warm drinks for the soon to be breakfasting family. Father came in from his early morning walk and Mykah went upstairs to remind the rest of her siblings that it was breakfast time.

Mykah’s youngest sibling, Anna, had already dressed herself and was just tidying up her bed before she came downstairs. Mykah turned on the lights and gently shook her other sisters, Joni, Leanne, and Julie. They all rolled out of bed and one by one came downstairs.

Ryan was in his room, reading, when Mykah came by to remind him of breakfast. He was a good older brother and always cared for his sisters. He protected them and taught them and loved them with all his heart.

They all met downstairs at the kitchen table and Father reminded them that today was a holiday but it was a busy exciting holiday. Today they would decorate for Christmas. Over their oatmeal and fruit, Father discussed what they needed to get done. There was several boxes of Christmas decorations that they needed to put up. And each of them had a different job to do.

Each of them chimed in with their support for today’s work and different ideas were discussed on how to make this year’s decorating special. When breakfast was finished, Julie and Anna worked together to clean the kitchen while the rest of the family got dressed and ready for the work ahead.

Father and Ryan headed out into the cold to get the Christmas boxes from the shed behind the garage. Mykah and her two other sisters quickly got dressed and washed their faces before heading through the home to clear away all the summer and fall decorations.

Mother was already busy clearing and cleaning the shelves and mantlepiece where most of the decorations would be going. They always kept a tidy house, but this was one of only a couple times a year that she could get a good deep cleaning done on the house.

When all the boxes were laid out in the living room, Ryan went to get started on the lights outside. He enjoyed being outside in the quiet. Father had pain in his hands and he couldn’t stay outside for long until it became unbearable, so he stayed inside as much as possible.

Mykah taught Anna how to tie bows and went around the house, up and down the bannisters and on the doors, placing beautiful red bows. Anna was a quick learner, she was only 5 years old but she was a hard worker and everyone in the family helped her learn and understand how to help around the house.

Julie cleaned all the bathrooms and decorated them with Christmas hand towels and small little decorative pieces of evergreen.

Leanne was busy helping mother now, cleaning the kitchen and changing the table setting to Christmas colors.

Joni and Father were working on the Christmas tree in the living room.

Christmas music continued throughout all the day, as they all worked together to make the house a festive Christmassy lake-side hideaway.

Mykah was happy to see the house come together so nicely. She was excited to show her friend all of the beautiful fruit of their work that they had made, especially the bows that her and her little sister had made.

Ulyssa was Mykah’s best friend. They had known each other for ever since Mykah was a little girl, probably the same age as Anna. They were the same age and Ulyssa was a very hard working girl. She was so hard working, that she always had extra pocket money. Every time Mykah saw her, she would talk about a new job that she had done for a neighbor or stranger to earn some money.

In fact, Ulyssa was coming over for lunch today. Father had ordered pizzas for them so that they wouldn’t have to cook on their Christmas decoration day. And Ulyssa was coming over to help with the Christmas tree decorations. She came over every year to help decorate the Christmas tree.

Mykah heard the door bell ring and she ran downstairs to answer it. Ulyssa was at the door and her older brother was already helping Ryan hang some of the lights. They hurried inside to start looking at the tree decorations and decide on what they were going to do this year.

Mother and Father were letting Mykah decide on how to decorate the tree herself, now that she was a teenager. So her and Ulyssa browsed through the ornaments and tinsel until the pizza deliveryman showed up.

The whole family including Ulyssa and her older brother gathered around the pizza boxes and gave thanks to God for another year and asked His blessing on the food and their work ahead.

Over pizza, Mykah and Ulyssa told the family their plans for the Christmas tree. This year it was going to be lots of silver tinsel, small red ornaments and a gold star at the top. The lights would be the simple white ones wrapped from the bottom to the top.

The two girls hurriedly ate their pizza and went back to the living room to set out the decorations for each of the family members to work on. The rest of the afternoon was spent as a big family in the living room, laughing, telling stories and putting the big trees decorations on until it was just perfect.

While the sun was just setting, the lights on the Christmas tree sparkled through the windows making them shimmer magically. Ulyssa and her older brother said goodbye and Mykah and her family sat down for a family Bible reading.

It had been a fun day filled with lots of work. When they opened up the Bible, Mother walked into the kitchen and turned the volume knob on the radio until the Christmas music faded out into nothingness. Father’s voice now read the Bible clearly and Mykah knew that all was well this Christmas.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Alaska Bush Company Review

written by Joshua Coffman

It was dark outside. The nipping cold exaggerated the clouds of exhaust that rose from the waiting cabs parked outside of the building. Walking up to the front door, I could hear the heavy bass pounding through the building.

The heavy door was posted with a reminder of the age restrictions and a warning to leave all weapons off the premise. Alaska law forbids bars from allowing customers that have weapons with clips from being on the premises. And the Alaska Bush Company definitely was a bar.

Through the door, you could immediately take in the full offering of the strip club. Before you even showed your ID to the bouncer, stage dancers and private dances could be seen from the entry way. I wasn’t dressed crudely so the bouncer seemed little interested in my ID and I walked right in to find a seat far enough back not to elicit too many expectations from the entertainers.

I’d been here before.

Sitting in the bench near the bar, I could feel the beat of the music pulse through my body. I was here to burn. My wedding ring on as a sign of revenge, but a controlled vengeance. There was something about seeing women without inhibition that reminded me of my own lack of inhibitions and I enjoyed feeling the searing pain of being self destructive.

On the stage, the women would shamelessly unclothe and gyrate to the music in an effort to convince the men and women watching to throw out $1 bills.

Would I ever know what was really going on in those female entertainers personal lives? What contributed to their lack of inhibition on the stage? I know for myself that my lack of inhibitions came from early childhood exposure to pornography. Perhaps some of it came from an early marriage to someone that came from an entirely different background whose vastly different approach to relationships gave me a type of PTSD. Maybe it was just bitterness or envy or pride.

Either way, I felt no different than those ladies dancing on the strip club floor. The only difference is that they were getting paid for losing their inhibitions. My only paycheck was a toxic relationship with someone who had been my best friend for over 8 years.

I sat coolly in the bench, texting and browsing my social media when one of the servers came by and I asked for a Red Bull. I would keep my eye on both my Snapchat conversations and the entertainers on the stage.

The bouncer came by and looked over my shoulder while I was using my Snapchat app and nearly threw me out because he thought I was taking photos. I think most of the dancers recognized me because only one of them came by to offer a lap dance which I politely refused.

The music droned on until one dancer came out to my favorite music genre, electro swing. Maybe that was a popular genre, but I had never heard of anyone else listening to that genre in person. My attention was caught entirely during her two dances.

I sipped on my Redbull until midnight and I decided it was time for me to leave. My conscience was seared enough for one night.


I’ve called people out for their life choices before. In fact, as a young church staff member, my sermons often reproved people for their deeds done in darkness.

One thing that bothers me is that I know that it is not God honoring to hang out with people that drink alcohol, lose their sobriety, take drugs and commit fornication. (or do those things myself) But I’ve found myself in a strange predicament.

I don’t understand a lot of these things. And those that I love and care for have begun to participate in those things. And it makes me angry. Very angry. I’ve had to sear my conscience just to not become unreasonable in my reaction to their lack of sobriety.

But I also recognize that those in my life will not be helped by me losing my sobriety either. Whatever you can take from my story, I will not be preachy. I will just tell you how I feel right now. Maybe a different perspective several years from now will help me give better advice.

Right now, I feel committed to being a better person. Maybe I can have less violent thoughts and become more committed to my goals and potential. Those around me may choose to lose their sobriety, but for myself I intend to maintain my awareness even if that means my conscience will be seared.

There are a lot of people that have never been to a strip club, I know because I had never been until a year and a half ago. But let’s call a spade a spade: strip clubs are full of men that are committing mental adultery, women that are committing mental (or physical) sodomite acts, and people that are choosing to lose their sobriety to alcohol and drugs.

Plus, who knows what kind of human trafficking happens behind the scenes at some of the seedy strip clubs (or even the “not so seedy” ones for that matter.)

And let’s also recognize the waste of time it really is for most people. Oh, and is getting a lap dance really the best use of your money? Beyond all of these things, I understand that there are many men and women that find themselves in the same situation as I did. Burning inside, feeling like the searing of their conscience is the only way to dull the pain.

My only advice is to call it for what it is, that you may find your way out of the darkness. Call whoremongering what it is. Call adultery what it is. Call it by the Biblical word. Don’t be afraid of confronting your own demons, maybe God will use you if you maintain a soft heart.

Consider David, consider Judah, consider Abraham, look at all these men used by God. Don’t sin just that grace may abound, but when you do sin, repent. And the only way to repent is to use God’s definitions of sin. Don’t excuse sin; basically don’t harden your heart. Because once you start hardening your heart, God has the power to harden your heart further. And when God hardens your heart, you will eventually be crushed to powder under His mighty hand.

Keep a soft heart. Psalms 51.


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