Habakkuk 2:1 - I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower, and will watch to see what he will say unto me, and what I shall answer when I am reproved.

For God so Loved the Robots

The blood of Jesus Christ is bigly important in the Gospel. His death, burial and resurrection resounded from the Garden of Eden until the Amen of Revelations. But we as humans now face strange situations and questions that many churches and pastors have been reluctant to address. Artificial intelligence, quantum computing, nuclear reactions, and robotic labor are all threatening the fiber of churches across the country and around the world. Jesus' blood is my answer to these questions and more.

Genetic manipulation is portrayed as black and white to non-scientific readers, but in reality, DNA is only loosely understood by scientists. They may have a grasp on certain aspects of its form and function, but the coding is only a system of statistics and modeling, not real scientific observation.

This same "statistics scientology" is the basis for quantum science. There is no observable science, it is far too small a scale to be sure that the act of "observing" the "experiments" doesn't overtly change the experiment itself.

And as we further study DNA and quantum, I begin to notice similarities to Biblical innuendos and cultural superstitions. Things like giants and centaurs, dinosaurs and even the Tree of Life all seem to point back in time to a similar standard of technology and scientific understanding. Maybe the giants and centaurs were genetic modifications to humans that changed them enough to be considered ultimately "un-human." 

Perhaps the dinosaurs were only genetically viable in pre-flood conditions. Perhaps the Tree of Life was some type of genetic virus that gave the eater eternal earth-life of some sort.

The danger is for us to become ensnared in pride; pride in our humanity, pride in our sin-nature, and pride in our own "goodness." 

Isaiah reminds us that our "righteousness is as filthy rags." Just following religious rules and government laws does not give us a pass. The law is only a teacher, the real life application of goodness is independent of any type of corporate order. 

If we as humans, become robots or plug into artificial intelligence, we are essentially offloading our free-will and surrendering our humanity. As humans, we are already everlasting beings. We exist from conception to either eternal life or eternal death. To attempt to plug into artificial intelligence is only attempting to cement your eternal condemnation under which you were already born.

The blood of Jesus matters. Your guilt, your regret, your disappointment, and your pain are your only pointers to the free will opportunity to accept the gift of salvation from the Creator of the universe. Should you choose to overwrite those negatives, you will find yourself - as Revelations aptly describes - wishing for the rocks to fall on you. 

Don't choose robotic life, choose Jesus. #AcceptHisGift



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