Habakkuk 2:1 - I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower, and will watch to see what he will say unto me, and what I shall answer when I am reproved.

Betrayal is Wicked

Two thousand years ago the Son of man faced His closest friends and each of them turned away. Some ran, some stabbed Him in the back and some caused Him more problems by resorting to violence. The arrest warrant that now led Him to prison was signed by one of the disciples that shared the most intimate moment with Him just hours earlier.

Humanity is broken.

We are broken.

So soon do we abandon our friends, even those that are closest to us. So quickly do we expect our friends to be strong enough to escape our own betrayal. This story is so powerful, it’s so potent, it’s so true.

I myself, have found it most convenient... even necessary, to betray my best friends. I have turned on them in their darkest hour. I have had no pity for them. Embarrasingly, were I in the disciple’s shoes, I may have kissed the Lord Jesus Christ on the cheek in the darkness of the garden.

But this is an example to us.

Friendship is a commitment, and commitment is a funny word. It’s easy to be committed when commitment fits our idea of tribulation and trouble. When we are fighting a common enemy, it is easy for us to be committed to our friend. But what about when we find ourselves betrayed? Is “commitment” about pushing through the betrayal and carrying the cross alone?

There are so many of us that are fair weather friends, myself included. When the public opinion turns, it is easy to join the betrayal and deny our friends.

But the Lord Jesus Christ was the perfect example and calmly accepted the betrayal. He was ready for it. Maybe He had experienced it before in His life. We don’t know much about His life before His public ministry. Maybe it was His omniscience. I think it’s more likely that He had been betrayed before.

I don’t know what betrayal you’ve gone through. Maybe you’re dealing with betrayal from me. Yet you find yourself reading my words right now. Keep carrying the cross. Someday, you will find yourself vindicated of my betrayal, hopefully not through the suicide of a Judas, but may God bring me the soft heart of Peter to apologize and restore our relationship.

Today I read a piece from a good friend, Allen Dommelle, that discussed this very story and topic. This isn’t to steal from his concept, but rather to let him know that I appreciate his faithfulness in writing.

One more thought, Friendship shouldn’t be an idol.

Those that betrayed Jesus, some of them were very close. Maybe they were closer to eachother than they were to the Lord Jesus Christ. Perhaps, and I can imagine this to be true, some of the disciples chose to leave with Judas or Peter because they idolized these men over Christ.

When the darkness comes to the garden, I doubt that we’ll choose Christ over our friends. Some of the disciples may have though, and it would have been easy to think that the disciples that were faithful to Christ were betraying those that walked away from Him.

If I ever use my blog to turn people away from Christ, if I ever preach a different gospel, choose to walk with Christ rather than betray Him.


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