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My First 36 hours on Bitconnect

written by Joshua Coffman

So, several months ago, there was a Bitcoin hard fork called Bitcoin cash. I held a small amount of Bitcoin at the time and just the other day I decided to see how much Bitcoin Cash I owned. At the current price, it was nearly $300 worth of the digital cash. So I decided I might as well take that money and throw it into the BCC (Bitconnect) lending platform and start making money with it.

That was yesterday.

The Bitconnect platform basically lets you loan money out for an extended period of time to their Bitconnect bot and at the end of the term, you get all your money back. But the kicker is that EACH day you get volatility interest on the money. And that can range from nothing up to 5%.

So 36 hours ago, I threw $300 into the platform. That’s a value that almost anyone can come up with. And for those of you in Alaska, your divdends are over three times that amount. Free money to throw into this platform.

So just after one 24 hour period, how much have I made? $2.52.

I can bear losing $300 worth of a cryptocurrency that I only own because of a hard fork, but even if it wasn’t free money, 1% daily returns is not a bad setup. It’s basically a way of investing in digital cash like Bitcoin without the possibility of losing your original capital.

Now to the warnings that I understand and that all those of you interested in this space should be warned about. This is only for people with balls. You have to be willing to lose everything and start over again. For me, I have nothing to lose, I’m already at the bottom. I only have access to this money due to my courage to buy Bitcoin several months ago when I had almost no money.

It worked great for me, maybe because I have a spirit of being unstoppable. Maybe it was just sheer luck. Maybe I’ve been watching Bitcoin closely enough to know that it was a sure bet. Maybe it was just desperation that paid off.

Either way, I want each of you to look into these platforms and consider changing your retirement plans. Maybe you’re holding money in a 401k. Consider buying Bitconnect tokens and loaning on the platform.

Maybe you're just a teenager mowing loans or shoveling snow for pocket change. Take that money and duplicate it while you are still young and fearless. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Digital cash (aka cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin) are changing the world rapidly and it will make a huge difference for you and your family if you take the time to learn how they work. Get someone to help you. Meet up with people that are excited about the space and get them to show you the great resources.

In no way am I stating that Bitconnect for a fact will be here tomorrow or that my results will be exactly the same as yours. But what I do know is that when I hosted my Bitcoin event last week. If you would have bought just 1 Bitcoin. Today you would be $1,000 richer.

That’s the power of Bitcoin. And it’s only getting more powerful.


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The link above (inside the post) is a affiliate link to Bitconnect. Below is an image of myself and if you click that image you can also get started on Coinbase and get some free Bitcoin when you deposit your first $100 of Bitcoin. If you need help with anything, reach out to me or someone else in the digital cash space. We would love to help you get started.


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