Tuesday, June 19, 2018

An Old Rusty Tractor

An Old Rusty Tractor
written by Joshua Coffman
repost from 2015

Out in the field by the big bale of hay
At the edge of the woods it quietly lay.
Just a desolate onlooker, a humble old guy
Who rested and watched, as the people passed by

He thought of the lunches the farmer would pack
Half way through the day, they would stop and look back
At the work they had done and fields they had plowed
The farmer would smile and beam real proud.

Together they’d sit on the brownish-black dirt
The farmer would eat, and the tractor would flirt
With the beautiful butterflies that gather’d to stare
At the big brawny shoulders of the mechanical bear.

The farmer would finish and the day would go on
To finish the job they had started in fun
But now it was toil, brought sweat to their brow
With effort they pressed on to carry the plow

A few moments later, the day, it had passed
And the farmer was home and he fell asleep fast
But the young whipper-snapper, the big brawny bear
Continued to ponder and think of one beauty rare

She stood out from the rest and was gentle and kind
She looked at him friendly, and rested his mind
From the work he was doing, both stressful and hard
She offered a rest from his labor in the yard.

The days would go faster and more work would he do
Just to see that fair butterfly and heart that was true
His roll he would quicken, more work would get done
His mind would get focused as he thought of “his one”

The present returned and the old one returned
To his place at the edge of the woods in the ferns
His mind had returned and his smile grew cold
For he felt not the warmth of love’s warm gold

He was an old rusty tractor, no one wanted at all
No farmer, museum, or quaint rustic mall.
He was lonely and quiet and paused to again
Remember his beautiful butterfly friend.

He could not remember what happened to her
He knew that he loved her, the smile clear and pure
Where was she, “Why was I so foolish to be
Separated at all from the lovliest: “Queen B”

But then a dear voice came back to his ear
It calmed his alarm and allayed all his fear
Twas that same butterfly so beautifully rare
They had grown old together, Pop and Ma Bear

She had gone to hung laundry, he had paused from his work
Of building the house, and had suffered a quirk
Of memory loss, so old now was he.
He still was in love, and happy, and free.

This untypical family was happy to grow
And continue to work, to reap and to sow
An old rusty tractor, and his beautiful friend
Were in love with eachother: Together. The End.

Why I Hate the Philistines

Why I Hate the Philistines
written by Joshua Coffman


No one likes the word. Especially those that know that they were responsible for protecting an individual and failed that one responsibility. To get wrapped up in a career, to start a new relationship, to find a new hobby. To no longer have to face the reality that you were passively involved because you arranged your life in such a way to not protect those in your care from rape.


How do we desire for those around us to confront the truth! Exploitation, degeneracy, corruption, blackmail, molestation, evil, perversion, and every form of Satanic darkness surround us. We see it behind the facade of sexual imagery and deviancy in Hollywood movies and music videos. But as if addicted to suicide, political groups of people insist on the adoption of lasciviousness in culture.


Molesting a child is a violence unforgivable. But yet the dark parts of our culture insist that an individual is more than their molestation of a child. How a parent can violate their child by continuing to excuse their molester is unknowable. The years of their failure as a parent are almost unredeemable. How strong must their repentance and rejection of the molester be.


If you are reading this, I hate each of the cowards that refused to protect their children from the pain of rape and molestation. And to continue on with your life as if your child isn't absolutely destroyed, how pathetic. May the innocent reader never show me forgiveness if I turn a blind eye to my children's innocence.


Weinstein, RDJ, and Cosby are just the public face of the vomit that exists in Los Angeles. But it doesn't matter what happens with celebrities if we don't clean house amongst our own first. When will those who are among us fall to their knees to beg forgiveness for protecting, enabling, or excusing known molesters in the family. Don't fear me, don't fear us. Fear God. His eyes are against you and you are dangling over the fire of a thousand licking flames. Before you are destroyed by the crushing power of His vice grip, break yourself.


The emptiness in pop music, contemporary Christian music, rap, modern country, and pretty much every other modern genre is reflective of the broken people that participate in the creation of it. Some of the musicians, writers, and actors are actually the molestors, but many of them are just the angry, confused, broken victims of the hidden darkness in our midst. There's a good chance that's why when you listen to their music you can feel the anger well up inside of you.


A time is coming soon where the land will be reset. Unless we immediately accept responsibility for our roles in this ungodly culture, a nation will be hired by God to come kill our molestors, our adulterers, our fornicators, our rapists, our murderers, and our sodomites. And that nation will not spare the enabler. Their violence will not stop until those that participated passively in the abortion industry, the human trafficking industry, and the thousands of individuals that enable molestors to continue unpunished.


There are no excuses for those reading this. Break off communion with anyone that you know is a molestor. Call the police. If you know someone is taking advantage of their position of power, be a part of the #MeToo movement and don't allow them to win. No matter the trauma you yourself has been through, you must stop it now. Disown family that enables rapists and molestors. Even if it causes discomfort in the short term.


Christ didn't come to abolish the law, He came to fulfill it. As He said "those without sin, cast the first stone." I've never molested someone, nor raped anyone, so I will definitely be willing to be first in line to throw the biggest rocks possible at someone guilty of such a crime. You will find no pity in my eyes for the wicked.

Monday, June 11, 2018

My Review of Grant Cardone

A Review of Grant Cardone
written by Joshua Coffman

Grant Cardone is the unreasonable sales guru you've seen on Instagram. He is sitting barefoot on top of his personal jet. He's also a student of L. Ron Hubbard, the controversial discoverer of Scientology. It's impossible to sum up Grant in one word, he himself even decries labels and other forms of summing up his identity. But if there was one thing that he wants people to know him for, it would be "sales." And that's just how I found him.

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I found Grant just after my first real job ended. I was fired from a church after 7 years on staff because I wasn't a producer. I guess charities even have quotas they need to fill. But I was inspired to go into sales despite my low functioning role at the church. It was partly due to a close friend I had as well, he had been a car salesman and it seemed easy enough for him to feed his large family through sales. So I applied here in Anchorage at BMW.

Little did I know just how low the bar is for hiring at car dealerships.


But you didn't come here for the story about me, you want to hear about Grant. Grant is a different sort of multi-millionaire. He owns several companies that focus on digital, analog and ephemeral products that improve revenue flow through modern sales skills.

He is also a major multifamily real estate mogul.

But most people just know him because he works hard, and he has for years. Not a day goes by that I don't see posts on social media everywhere, emails, videos, commercials, podcasts, and new products. He is everywhere. And it doesn't stop.

And in an era where most sales gurus post random motivational clips of themselves from weeks or even months ago, his current-cy and relevance just continue to grow.

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I had never had a real interview before. Unfortunately, now I kind of feel like a pro. So I wanted to be prepared for the interview, and of course, being the nerd that I am, where better to prepare than Google itself.

"How to prepare for an interview"
"Questions to ask at an interview"
"How to get a job at a car dealership"

Google seemed to have given me enough to feel satisfied with the level of preparation I was going in for. Every once in a while I would pull up the interviewee questions, just to make sure I felt confident.


Grant has two kids and a beautiful wife. Most of their life is shared on social media. Short Youtube videos give a brief glimpse into their life as Sales rockstars. Personal anecdotes range from their high rise apartment over Miami, to his obsessive blogging in the early morning.

At this point I sound like a doting fanboy.


A Personal Affiliate Link to BitBond.

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Piano teaching was definitely my main source of income at the time, but my wife was definitely bringing in some good money at the time as well. In fact, we would probably have focused solely  on building the piano studio at the time, if it weren't for the fact that she was pregnant and getting uncomfortable already: working, stressing and dealing with pregnancy all at the same time.

Forgive me for being an idiot but I literally bought a brand new iPhone that week to "look better" for the interview. The iPhone 4s just wasn't refined enough for a car salesman to carry around. Oh and a new suit from Burlington. It only seemed reasonable to knock the socks off the hiring staff at the BMW dealership.


I've recently purged my social media pages from anything to just mindlessly scroll through, but I still listen to the Cardone podcast once a week on Youtube. He is an inspiration to actually do something with my life, and I hope that I can push him positivity through this blogpost.

Whether it's the deep therapy that he went through being in Scientology, or the clarity he has from being a hard worker, Grant Cardone is one of the most real people that I know. He is one of the most frugal people that I know as well.

But you have to get to know him before you see past his personal jet to understand his perspective on money that you may have been propagandized to reject since birth.


Somehow, the night before my interview, I hit Google again. This time just a general search.

"How to get your dream job"

I think at that point in my life, there were only two jobs that I really thought well of. One was being a pastor. The other was a car salesman. Don't ask me how those two came so close, that's a whole different long story.

But there was a Youtube video that popped up on my search results that featured this scammy looking, kind of greying, but surprisingly energetic guy. And he didn't sound scammy, he got directly to the point with his video, he provided a ton of content, and it was not filled with annoying fluff.

So I started the dangerous click path down Grant Cardone that night and stayed up entirely too late the night before my interview soaking up his content and relishing his audacity to actually give with no thought of return. He was giving me actually good information: no pay-wall, no super long diatribes, no email sign-ups.

Just Youtube content that actually was meaningful.

From that moment I was hooked.


I highly recommend you buy Grant Cardone's books, become a podcast subscriber, and find at least one other way to plug in to the content that he provides. Either through social media, or if you are actually in the sales industry I recommend you become a member of CaroneU.

I know some people promote Cardone because they get paid to send people to his programs. That is not me. This is just my tribute to the spiritual leadership he has provided for me since I lost my tribe back in 2014.


Thank you Grant.