Habakkuk 2:1 - I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower, and will watch to see what he will say unto me, and what I shall answer when I am reproved.

Safety Through an Informed and Armed City

How to end violence in our cities? Yes, we can completely eradicate violence from our streets and homes, but it will take an informed and armed people, and when I say "people," I mean you. We can't control other people, duh, but we can change our own behavior and make decisions that substantially decrease the likelihood of violence happening around us. Those behaviors include curiously looking for information and confidently handling weapons of defense.

First of all, learn and practice basic gun safety.

  1. Never point a gun at something (or somebody) that you don't want to destroy.
  2. Treat every gun as if it is loaded.
  3. Do not touch the trigger until you are ready to fire.
Gun safety is incredibly important to ending gun violence in our communities. A proper respect for firearms is powerful, not only as a crime deterrent, but also as a stop against suicide. Guns get a lot of screen time, both in movies and TV, but people that grow up handling them with respect view them as incredibly sacred instead of a blunt tool to be applied to every problem in life.

Handguns aren't playthings and shotguns aren't a sure form of suicide. These common tropes in different forms of media are incredibly dangerous ways to view weapons. Instead, learn how to safely handle firearms as an individual and you will spread the respect with others around you. Rebuke those that point guns willy-nilly. Insist your friends practice gun safety. Be the safest person you know around guns and you will bring your community with you, and when someone is feeling suicidal they may come to you instead of wrongly thinking that a gun is the easiest or most sure way out. Be a leader and that angry teenager may turn to you for meaning instead of taking it out on a school full of innocents.


Learn at least some basics about what exactly "we" are.

We are a Republic.

In its simplest sense, it means that we are led by Senators. Not a President as some would think. Our way of governing is through a congress of Senators. The President does what the Senators command via legislation. Our Representatives give our money to the Senators. Our judges carefully examine people and corporations who disobey our Senators. 

We are a Federal government of States

Our Senators have a limited scope. They can't make laws about everything, only specific things. Everything else, and I mean everything else, is left up to the State. Every State is run differently, but definitely a lot of them are organized very similarly to a Republic. Many states are run by senators who are different from the Senators which that State sends to the congress in Washington D.C.

We have a Constitution

Look. People self-organize. No matter how we would love to think that we could exist without politics, the truth is that people organize and if we don't organize by land mass, we may organize some other, less self-evident way. This doesn't mean that we absolutely should, no shadow of a doubt, have income taxes. Or an IRS. Or a space command. But it does mean that we should recognize self-governance. And if our Senators have all succumbed to the blackmail of tyrants, we may need to reinstall new ones. And if that tyrant is in the judicial or executive branch, it may require armed resistance.

So finally,

How can you help reduce gun violence?

  1. Buy a gun. 
  2. Consider having children.
  3. Remember where political tyranny starts: with you

Buying a gun is essential to your protection of life, liberty and property. 

Having children is the most straightforward way of passing on the gift of life and liberty that has been given to you.

The desire to control others is disturbing and common. But remember that the best of "intentions" never is enough. You must control your urge to act impulsively. You must take ownership of your decisions, whether that is to vote, have children or go to a crowded vulnerable arena, you are the decider of your destiny and have the responsibility to educate yourself properly and exercise your influence around your responsibly.


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